April 8, 2017


Thank you jThread

jThread is the best place for Java training.The support given by Saju Sir,Jeeva Mam & Amrutha Mam in each stages from training,clarifying even the small doubts,mock interviews and in each stage of our interviews is wonderful.They gave many assignments,projects and will conduct mock interviews .They help to improve our professional and personal skills.They boost the confidence in us.They have some unique way of teaching. The confidence they gave and the mock interviews they conducted helped me to believe in myself and I was able to gain a job in an MNC.No words to express my gratitude to the mentors in Jthread,especially Saju Sir.Thankyou Jthread.

Deepthi Chandran

If you can change your mind , you can change your life

I was working as an Assistant Professor in a private college for the past 10 years. Since the growth in the sector is very slow and looking at the future perspectives i being a Computer Science Engineer decided to explore the IT sector. I started looking for current demand courses and the centers for learning those courses. I got many options and suggestions. My mind was confused. Where should i learn ? What i have to learn? Whether i will get a job at this age. The solutions to all my questions were addressed by jThread. I talked to Saju Sir and he listened to my concerns and was able to impart the belief in me with his conversation. He just told me to attend a sample class. Then i joined jThread.The classes were handled Amrutha Ma’am , Jeeva Ma’am and Saju Sir himself. They thought me basic and advanced JAVA topics. The classes were strictly monitored and conducted with utmost seriousness. These masters will surely transform you into a person whom no industry can reject. Now i am placed in an IT company.
My Sincere thanks to Saju Sir , Jeeva Ma’am , Amrutha Ma’am and jThread

Anoop S

Best Java Training

2 years ago, I completed a Java 6 months training at an institution ,but there I am not satisfied. After 2 years I joined jThread for the same. But I don’t have enough words to describe the training process. jThread is a place where each student can easily understand the concept. Saju sir, Jeeva miss, Amritha explain each concept with real life examples, stories so we can easily understand and be able to remember.

Thank you jThread…

Merin Kuriakose

Trusting yourself is the beginning of hope….

I’m Nidhina from Palakkad. I completed my Btech from government engineering college Kozhikode. Getting into software field was a big task for me because I didn’t have a programming or computer background, my specialisation was in Electronics and communication engineering.
I was so depressed of not getting a job,cried a lot blamed myself for my inability to achieve anything in life.
During that time I came to know about jThread throgh one of my seniors. I contacted saju sir, I told him that I do not know anything about java and other programming languages. But he assured me that he will make me a master in java.
I joined jThread in 15/03/21 and I got placed in Ospyn technologies, Technopark Trivandrum in 03/05/21.The keyword practices and mock interviews really helped me to clear the interview. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to whole jThread team. Saju sir made me to believe in myself, that was the beginning of hope. I dreamed of getting a job without bothering the barriers that blocked me.Jeeva ma’am she explained all the concepts in simple language and her YouTube videos explained all the concepts in much easier way.
Once again thanks to the whole jThread team.

Nidhina P

“The life changing phase at jThread”

With immense pleasure and joy I could say that I’m a jThreadite. I was a person who had very less knowledge in programming language. It was the root cause that abstained me from getting a good job that I was dreaming off. But God had a different plan for me, it was “jThread”.

Saju Pappachan – The man with glorious blessings of God. He not only made us to learn the subjects, but also taught us to be the best human, inculcated our minds with positive thoughts. My perception about life totally changed from his classes.

I began to believe in myself, he gave me the confidence that I could come out with flying colours.And now I’m here working at QBurst Technologies as a Software Engineer after 2 months of his training. Life really changes when you start believing in him and in yourself.
Thank you jThread –
“The world’s best Java Training Center”

Femy Susan Markose

“jThread” the best decision in my life…

I completed my java/j2ee course from jThread within 60 days.And the 61th day i got placed in Ospyn Technologies at Technopark….
yes,….jThread is the best decision in my life.
It is the best platform for a person who have the passion to grow up in JAVA.
From my whole heart i thank Saju sir and jeeva mam for bringing this miracle into my life..” Never ever give up”, the first sentence that i learned from Saju sir..
jThread will make us not only a good technical person but also a good human being..

Thank you saju sir….Thank you jThread…

Deepamol T S

Deepamol T S

A very good place to

A very good place to learn java. I was a person who never thought of studying any programming language since it was too difficult to understand its terms. But the only trainer which I had ever met in my life with high level of patience to teach a candidate with lot of excuses is Saju sir. He taught me how to overcome the impossible circumstances. And now me too started getting interested or eager to study more. Also he made me confident. Thank you sir.
Thank you jThread.

Lakshmi P

Never Ever Give Up

Joining at jThread😊😘 was the best decision that I have ever made.I am Alen P Rajan from Kollam,and I completed Java/J2EE course from jThread in 55 days.By God’s grace,I got placed in Ospyn Technologies,Technopark.Training given by Saju sir and Jeeva were really effective.On my first day at jThread,I went there with lot of confusions that how can I studied java within 2 months.But on that day itself I understood that I can able to make a career in Java. “Keyword Practice”,it was really effective.And also this is my very first interview and I attended it with 100% confidence.It is all because of you sir .You influenced me a lot.I know what my technical knowledge before coming here.To be frank it was a Big zero 🙂.And also I can feel the change in me within 2 months.

From the bottom of my heart ,I thank Saju sir ,Jeeva and my jThreadites for making me such a valuable person in the society.I wish all the very best to jThread and suggest all job aspirants,to feel the life @ jThread.

Never Ever Give Up😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😇


Dream Dream Dream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is easy to teach “What” but not easy to teach “Why” , that need in depth knowledge .In jThread they always have answers for What and Why . That vibe give the confidence in students to ask why . I am Anju prasannan I joined jThread in June 19 2019 and then I joined in Stabilix Solutions pvt.Ltd, Technopark as a Trainee Software Engineer in August 12 2019., These all happened because I am a jThreadite . And all credits goes to Saju Sir , he always asked me to Dream Dream Dream !!! , and I dream it .
“If you can Dream big and believe that dreams are powerful than facts, Then stay on the same track because you are on the right track “.

I wish all the very best to jThread  and from the bottom of my heart first of all I thank Almighty,then Saju sir,the man who changed me,Jeeva and my jThreadites for your great support.


Anju Prasannan

High Quality & Excellent Training-jThread(For Ever)!

I m Asha from Munnar.I joined at jThread in june 2019 and i got placed at Stabilix Solutions pvt Ltd,Technopark,Trivandrum just within One month & even before completing the Course.I wholeheartedly thank SAJU Sir for his constant support,Love & Care.I got stunt to see his way of Teaching which i have never seen in my school or college Life.Such a unique way of Teaching,its Marvelous.I m soo Proud to be his Student.Apart From subject I learned lot from him,means as a Person i changed lottt….simply saying,jThread taught me what is life!!!.Thank you soo much for emboldening me.
His(saju sir) endless positivity made it a joy to come to class every day.The atmosphere is full of Positivity,Happiness & Presence of God.
i never got bored,it was very interesting.Before coming to jThread my Knowledge on JAVA is zero But Now I m in some other Level,just Like a experienced IT candidates,thats only because of Saju sir.His Knowledge on the Subject is amazing.I am grateful for everything he gave me.He didn’t just teach, he mentored.He has been the most influential person in my life & I cant forget Saju sir for ever.He blessed me with success.He gave me strength. He made me a better human being.I consider myself lucky to meet such a person like him.I have learnt more than what I have expected from jThread.

It’s a wonderful place if you’re looking to have Java Training.jThread provides a great exposure to everyone to build their carrier beautifully and also offers a unique combination of learning & self development.My sincere Thanks to Saju sir….& jThread.


Ashadevi N

Thanks to jThread

jThread is an excellent place to learn java. jThread will mould you to better professional as well as better person. If you want to learn java, don’t think further just go ahead with jThread and experience the miracle. I got placed in a very good company in Techno park only because of the training which I received from jThread.

Mohammed Raseef K
Ospyn technologies

The Butterfly

The Butterfly

Let me tell you a quick story of a girl named Anshi who had completed her B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering with first class but had no clue on what this thing is all about. She had a dream of becoming a self-contained working woman. After she got passed out from the college, she was waiting for someone to come and offer her a job. But nobody showed up and then she had decided to go and grab one. She had given a couple of attempts and then sadly realized that it’s not that easy to fulfill your dreams. She had also realized that she doesn’t have any idea about the world of IT where she was dreaming to land on. Her dreams were getting faded out. But one fine day, a Miracle had happened.by God’s grace she got introduced to a man with magical hands named “Saju Pappachen” and his Java training institute “jThread”. Even though she had zero knowledge on Java, something had driven her to go and join that institute. She had stepped out from the class on the very first day itself as a completely different person- more confident , more enthusiastic and much more vibrant. Her perceptions changed, her dream had become more intense. She was getting transformed day by day. What she had learned in a couple of weeks from jThread was more than what she had learned for past 4 years during the B.Tech course. jThread was molding her in and out to become a good professional and a good person at the same time. One month later, she was given an opportunity to participate in a recruitment process in Technopark, Trivandrum and to her own surprise she had cleared every round with full of confidence. She had got the offer letter from an MNC and she saw a very beautiful butterfly in front of her flying high with all the pride and glory. Yes. Her dream had finally got wings.

Thanks to Almighty.Thanks a lot Saju sir, Jeeva and all the fellow jThreadites for all your support to make my dream come true. I believe that it was my destiny to be a jThreadite and I’m sure I will excel in my profession just because of the momentum that I’ve gained from jThread and the energy that I’ve got from Saju sir.

My humble request to all the IT Job dreamers out there…. Get the jThread key to unlock the world of IT. Once you are in jThread, ജാവ വളരെ സിമ്പിൾ ആണ് ……. പവർഫുൾ …… 😊

Thanks & Regards

Best training I have ever attended

I’m Gokul, I got placed in Ospyn Technologies at Technopark Trivandrum .
I had Three rounds which includes programming,technical and HR. I could clear all the rounds with ease by only because I am a jThreadite. Without fear and full confidence I can able to answer all questions that was asked by the interviewer
. It’s all a miracle that I got an opportunity to learn java and be an expert in java by studying in jThread.

I have taken different courses in different Institute but jThread is different among all .

Thank You Saju Sir, jeeva ma’am for all your prayers & support!!!!

Really missing you all..

I will always be proud to be known as a jThreadite❣❣

jThread, the best place for a novice to learn JAVA/J2EE. Believe in Saju sir and systematically follow his unique methodology, it will give wings to your IT dreams!!! I am Aleena Daniel from Pathanamthitta and I completed java/j2ee training from jThread’s April 2019 batch.Joining jThread was the best decision that I have ever made in my life.The interactive learning sessions of jThread will help you to attain in-depth knowledge in this technology and eventually you will be in love with your domain, so that you will become a sincere passionate professional in your area of work. Like any other person I was also doubtful when I heard about jThread for the first time. I was thinking how I can study java only in 2 months and whether I can understand the concepts clearly , and a lot more.. questions in my mind. But after the first session at jThread, I got answers to all my questions and got the strength to explore the vast world of Java. I got placed in NetProMedia Advertising Pvt Ltd, Technopark,Trivandrum just after 35 days of training from jThread. It is only because of the guidance, motivation and prayerful support from Saju sir and the extended support from Jeeva. The keyword practice, a unique feature of training at jThread helped me a lot to perform well in my interview rounds.Also industry relevant topics,real time examples, programming assignments, world class objective questions, status questions, tricky aptitude questions helped me to gain immense confidence to deliver efficiently my ideas/thoughts before anyone without fear.Continuous improvement is the motto of jThread and that transforms you to a better person and competent professional. At jThread everyday the class starts with a meditation prayer that makes you vibrant and enchanting throughout the day. More than a student , you will become a part of such a loving and positive jThread family which motivates you daily to do well all what you do and reminds you “never ever give up anything” ….
Thank you so much sir for being such an outstanding mentor and I thank Jeeva for your valuable efforts and dedication to make me successful.

I will always be proud to be known as a jThreadite❣❣and try to keep up the values learned from jThread throughout my life…. Wishing all the best to jThread 🥰🥰and inviting every job aspirants to explore JAVA plus life @ jThread.


Aleena Daniel


Fulfilled my dream; Thank you jThread

I completed my Java/J2EE course from jThread in 40 days. And now I got placed in an MNC.
I got the most wonderful training for java and I could face all recruitment process very confidently. I express my gratitude to all staff members in jThread for giving me the best java training and also for other support to make my dream true. Special thanks to Saju Sir for your world class sessions.

Thank you jThread !!!


Asha Alex‎

It all happened because of jThread

Today is very special for me because I got placed in a company . Basically I had a technical interview which I cleared and then an HR round. The technical round for this company is normally tough when compared to other companies but it was quite easy for me because I am a jThreadite. I am very confident in java now and I can say proudly that I can perform much much better than anyone else except those from jThreadite family. It is indeed a luck for me to be a part of this family.I thank God Almighty for making this happen for me.

It all happened because of jThread and they made me an expert in java.I would like to thank all teachers and especially my mentor Saju Sir for making me a complete professional. Thanks a lot jThread.


Arshad Khan‎

Thank you Lord, thank you jThread

Thank you Lord. Today it is a special day for me.I got placed in a MNC at Ernakulam.I attended the interview with full confidence.This happened only because of the training from jThread. I would like to thank Saju sir who gave me an excellent training on technology and life. I also thank you for getting this job for me.
‎Annu PS‎

Miracles happens

Miracle Happenzzzz……… 😅


I am Sapna and working as an Associate Software Engineer in one of the IT companies in Technopark, Trivandrum. I have an experience of 2.6 years in Java technology.I was looking for a job change and I used to get lots of interview calls from various companies for Java Developer openings. While attending these calls, without thinking I used to reply that I’m not interested right now, even though I was looking for a job change. The main reason for this kind of response was my lack of confidence. I realized that I was lacking technical knowledge, and hence I was loosing my confidence day by day.

Recently by God’s Grace, I met a wonderful personality Mr.Saju Pappachen (jThread Technologies). Even at this moment, I thank Almighty for the same. Saju sir took classes 2 hours a day for 5 days.The very next week I got an interview call from Infosys. Because of the kind of knowledge I acquired from jThread, I attained enough confidence and I replied that I’m ready to attend the interview. I’m surprised myself to know how much my confidence level improved within one week from my association with jThread. On the day of interview Saju sir took an online session for 2 hours in the morning.Finally, I attended the interview at Infosys which was my first interview after 2.6 years. I cleared all the rounds and got placed into Infosys and currently waiting for my joining date.

So, I can say that miracles happens. When I look back,I realize that before 2 months, I merely had very less knowledge on Java.

From my whole heart I thank Saju sir for bringing this miracle into my life. First thing he taught me was “Never Give Up”. Besides the technical topics on Java(JAVA and other frameworks like Hibernate, Spring etc) he taught me on Continuous Improvement, Confidence,Commitment,Self Esteem, how to be a good professional and ultimately a Good Technical Person.


Thank you jThread !!! Thank you Saju sir.


Sapna S Krishnan


Thanks to jThread family

Today I am going to join an MNC in Ernakulam. First of all thanks to GOD and special thanks to jThread especially Mr. Saju Pappachen.Its just happened only because of the guidance, support and blessings that I got from jThread.Its one of my best decision to join jThread.It was not just a training class. I have experienced and learned a lot and also improved my personality.The teaching methodology was excellent or simply can say WOW..Thanks to jThread family..

My heartily congratulations to Annu and Nisha who got placed in MNC and joining today..All the best!!!
Athira Ashok‎

The best place to groom a fresher in the right way

Never give up, never ever give up….

God is so great, his love is infinite and you cannot measure it. We don’t know our future, but God knows. So don’t get upset. Everything will come in right time. Now I am experiencing that moment in my life. When looking back, I had only little knowledge in Java even though I am a B.Tech IT graduate. Everything happens for a reason. I can proudly say that, I got an offer letter for the post of Project Engineer from Wipro Ltd. only because I trusted Almighty and jThread. After my B.Tech completion, I had attended many interviews. But I couldn’t clear any of the interviews. After joining jThread, I received an email from Wipro informing me that I’m invited to attend the technical interview. In this technical round of interview I was able to answer all the questions being asked in Java and the interviewer said that “your knowledge in Java is really good”. I would like to specify here that I had attended only 20 days of Java class at jThread then. Within this short period of time, I was able to answer all the questions in Java only because of jThread’s unique way of teaching. From my experience, I can say that jThread is the best and unique Java training centre in the world.

Saju sir and his team really helped me to improve my technical skills in Java a lot.

Both technical and personality development sessions here are excellent in grooming a fresher in right way. Even if Saju sir is not physically available at the jThread training centre full time, he can be accessed through telephone at any time and he will give all the required support. Only because of Saju sir’s motivation I have attended the Wipro interview and performed well and thereby got selected in Wipro. I can proudly say that Saju sir is an excellent mentor and also a good human being possessing ethical values.

My sincere thanks to Jeeva Rachel Abraham in jThread for her tremendous support in preparing me for the technical interview as well as for the moral support she gave me. From the bottom of my heart I specially thank Jeeva Rachel Abraham for caring me, supporting me as well as mentoring me like an elder sister.

Thank You jThread!!! Thank You Saju Sir!!!

Tincy Rose Thomas

Got placed in an MNC

I got placed in an MNC today.The course was really interesting and informative in jThread. Java training program has helped me a lot and also taught me more about technologies. Thank you for the guidance and a big thank you to the every helping staff in jThread.

Kripa Abraham‎

Unique experience

jThread gave me a unique experience. I had gone to many institutes for different programming languages. But in Java I can confidently tell, In India, jThread is the best place and platform to learn and grow in Java.
Arunjoe Thomas

Fun filled training

The reason that I am placed in a MNC is jThread. I have joined in jThread a week before & I could complete my core java in a week. I thank Saju Pappachen sir for all his efforts in making me a professional. It was totally a new experience at jThread. I have never seen such a wonderful, fun filled training in my academic career. Thank you jThread.
Sheri Sherin

Thank You jThread for making me an expert in Java

Today I have got placed in UST Global. I had to face three rounds of recruitment process. The final round was the face to face interview. Among the three rounds I was very confident for the final round and I didn’t have a little bit of tension. It was just because of the fact that I am a jThreadite. So I know that I can answer any question from Java.

Thank You jThread for making me an expert in Java.

Thank You Saju Sir, Ruby Chechi and Tomcy Chechi for giving me the best Java Training.

Greeshma Remanan‎

Became an expert in java by studying in jThread

I got placed in a company in Ernakulam.
It is purely a java based company which deals with real time projects.
I had technical round which I could clear with ease only because I am a jThreadite. I was able to answer all questions that was asked by the interviewer. I am happy that I got an opportunity to learn java and be an expert in java by studying in jThread.

Believe me… Saju Pappachen Sir is the best trainer in the world !!!

I thank Almighty for making this happen.


Jesna Thomas


Thank you Lord for helping me to find this wonderful place called jThread

I completed my JAVA/J2EE course from jThread Trivandrum branch just now. I thank GOD for helping me to find this wonderful place called jThread. Mr. Saju Pappachen was our Chief Trainer. He was more than a teacher, a good human being, loving, caring person, CAN’T EXPRESS IN WORDS. It can only be felt. We all actually lived together like a family. It was very hard for me to leave that place after my course completion.

And about teaching he taught us with examples, stories and various scenarios. So that helped me a lot to understand the concept thoroughly. When I came to jThread I had 0% knowledge in Java. But the kind of training they gave me, made me technically strong in Java. Its not only the Java training that I got from here, it helped to change a lot as a person. I became more positive towards everything and the pro-active in any situation.

I once again thank GOD for helping me find this wonderful place.

Really missing you all.

Sherin V Shajan

Java is simple when you are at jThread

I am Abel, doing my second year of engineering in IT, in Bangalore. I was someone who had no idea of any computer language till my 12th other that some basic HTML coding that we were taught in 10th. During my first year of engineering, I had to deal with C-language. Though I had no clue what or how any of my programs ran, I managed to clear it. Well, on the later part, I kind of started understanding C, and so was able to start coding pretty well. But in my second year, and computer science being my majors, I was supposed to learn Java. I tried my best to understand what was being taught, but often things just went right above my head, and not through it. So basically speaking, my knowledge on the language called Java was very very minimal. I realized that there is no way I was going to cope up to what was being taught. It was then that I happened to meet Saju sir. Considering my fast-approaching exams, sir taught me Java with respect to my syllabus. Attending his classes, I realized how simple many concepts were, which I didn’t understand earlier. Saju sir’s unique way of teaching is based solely on his experience and the depth of knowledge he has on the subject. He was so dedicated that be it 5am or 11pm, he was always approachable and ensured that the concept was clear. All thanks to Saju sir and ‘jThread’, I was and am confident that I will clear my Java exam with flying colors.


Abel Thomas Koshy


World’s best training centre for Java

In my career I found a best place to learn Java.. that’s jThread… And a great personality that’s Saju Sir… And I found really Java is simple because of jThread… If you want to be a professional, just open up your eyes to jThread… From my heart definitely I can say ‘The world’s best training centre for Java is “jThread”..’

Liji Tenish

Turning point in my life

I got a job in one of the IT companies in Kochi today. First of all, I thank my Lord for giving me this job. Next I would like to thank jThread for making me an expert in Java technology. The training in jThread was a turning point in my life. The classes of Saju sir were excellent and his explanation with stories was really helpful. His motivational talks were very helpful for me. Thank you sir for taking all the pain to mould me to become a complete professional. Sir, I thank God for getting connected to a wonderful person like you who has all expected technical and professional skills and more over a true gentleman. Thank you jThread !!!.
Libin J James

Never Ever Ever give up

Never Ever Ever give up Going to start my career in Stabilix Solutions Pvt. Ltd. First of all thanking The Almighty who lead my path. Next I would like to thank my motivator, mentor , guide Mr. Saju Pappachen- jThread IT Training & Consultancy who played an undefined role in my career. All the credits of my success goes to my sir who motivated me in such a way that I am able to recognize the talent in me. He took my spirit up, and made me confident with his excellent classes and able to get a job, that I always dreamed about. Thank you… thank you sir. Also thanking my parents, teachers and all the loved ones.

Ann Mary Kokkatt


Got placed only because of jThread

I’m Chandana V from calicut. I completed my btech from govt. Engineering college Kozhikode in 2017. After that i was too afraid to attend any interviews as i didn’t have skills in any programming languages. I was so depressed about not getting a good job.
During that time, I came to know about jThread through one of my friends, who did java training in jThread. I contacted saju sir and he told me that he will make me a master in java within two months.I was surprised and at the same time a little bit confused by his words. I never thought that i would be able to learn java with in 2 months.But yes miracle happened, now I can say im a master in java.His way of teaching is completely different from normal classes. Here each and every concepts are taught with real life scenarios which helped me to understand and remember easily. I have never got such a good training. The keyword practice implemented in the training has helped me alot. The training also included personality development session which has also helped me alot. From my experience i can say that jThread is the best java training center in india.

I sincerely thank Saju sir and jeeva for guiding and mentoring me. Im happy to share that i have got place in ospyn Technologies as associate software engineer.

Chandana V


Best decision that I made in my life

jThread ,the best decision that I made in my life.The training sessions provided by Saju sir transformed my life to next level.The learning techniques such as keyword practice,assignments and  projects really helped me to land into a decent job.The motivation given by saju sir really boosted my confidence.I have never seen such a mentor in my life who is so much committed and dedicated to his profession who is ready to clear doubts at any time. An ideal teacher who transforms other peoples lives and who makes the impossible possible.

Abhiram Ajayan


More than an institute

jThread is more than an institute, which moulds us into a better person. Mr. Saju Pappachen, is a great mentor who knows how to share and makes us understand the boundless knowledge he has. There is no any time limit for clearing doubts. We just have to believe and follow the way he says, rest everything comes on its way. I got placed in Ospyn, Technopark within eight days of java class at jThread which makes us unique from other candidates. If you are reading this, do not think further just go ahead with jThread and experience the miracle!


Farsin Siddik


A different Experience

I started my training a few days ago, and as with any other courses, i had some apprehension about the course and its effectiveness. But was i in for a surprise. The method of explaining and teaching was on another level. During my B.Tech, i had to mug up a lot of things just for marks, i knew JAVA for marks sake only. But after i met with Saju Sir, it changed. I am beginning to see the difference. What most Training centres take months to achieve, can be accomplished within a few hours at jThread. Believe me, i’m not exaggerating. Saju Sir has perfected the way to teach JAVA, and i stress on perfect. What i took three months to understand in college, i just took 3 hours or so. I have no doubt in my mind, that in this pace, i can be an expert in java programming in a few days. This is my review after the third class. And i will definitely update after the entire course is completed. Also another mention-able fact about jThread- Training is not limited to JAVA alone, Training is provided to be a better professional and a better human. I took a leap of faith joining jThread, it was, is and will be among the few best decisions of my life. I recommend everyone to give it a try. If you have any queries about my experience feel free to contact.

 Vipin Mohan R Nair


Best training I have ever attended

I am Ashwin Varghese. I completed B.Tech in the year 2016, though I was introduced into the world of programming in my initial years I always hated it as I was not able to understand programming, but I wanted to learn it. “OK but which language to learn” I thought, and after several research I decided to learn Java and I joined an institute in Bangalore and I was happy about it, only to realize that the institute did not really care about the quality or the continuous improvement of the student, all they wanted was money, and I wanted to leave the institute with a BIG question “where next?”. I again went back and was searching for a good institute. And my uncle introduced me to Mr. Saju Pappachen who works as Chief Consultant in jThread, Bangalore, and he promised me that he will teach Java/J2EE and Java based frameworks in the best way possible. I was thinking “should I waste my money again”. With great difficulty I decided to attend his class, only to realize I was totally wrong about him. His class is filled with so much positive energy and I always feel goosebumps when he teaches. He breaks the conventional ways of teaching and he teaches in his own style which I have not seen anywhere.

I can honestly say he is the best teacher I have met. THERE ARE THREE THINGS WHERE I BURST INTO TEARS OUT OF JOY

1)Good acting performance
2)Good food
3)Mr. Saju Pappachen’s teaching.

I completed my Core Java class in no time and continuing with J2EE. I have learnt more than what I have expected. I can say that I have mastered the language and I learnt more stuff than what I learnt in my entire engineering, whole life. I want to say to you people out there that there is no other teacher that can teach like Mr. Saju Pappachen. I remember an old saying “you can take the horse to the lake but you can’t make it drink” I want to change that saying(jokes apart), potter is the one who makes pots using clay. Mr Saju molded me into a great person from the clay I was, I learnt about commitment and continuous improvement. You don’t just learn programming language here in jThread, you learn what life is and he makes you into a person that no industry can reject. I really want to thank you Sir.



Ashwin Varghese


Thank you so much jThread

As a jThreadite, I’am extremely happy and proud to give my sincere feedback on jThread’s exclusive java training program.The training program itself had a well planned agenda about the topics to be covered,that includes both core java and advanced java,which was communicated to me beforehand so that it threw light on the entire course.As we all know a strong and stable superstructure comes out from a strong underlying substructure and foundation and that’s how I could build an in-depth knowledge in core java through this training program.Eventually when it came to the advanced topics,there was a clear cut instruction to exercise the hands on parallelly so as to absorb each topics so well.The highlight of the course comes when you correlate the entire things we learn to develop a mini project where you will get to know the actual flow of a real time scenario which really helped in my interview.Moreover the set of interview questions which is the only jThread’s provision made me capable to fit in any interview.Now myself being placed in IBS,really thank jThread and my great mentor Mr Saju sir for his consistent support and concern.Furthermore,I am really satisfied with my decision to join jThread family.Thank u so much jThread …..Thank u sir.

Shabana Kareem


It was a wonderful experience

It was a wonderful experience for me in jThread for the past two months. I was finding it difficult to get an IT job after my B.Tech, so forced to do some non-technical job for about one year. When I joined jThread two months back, my Java knowledge was ZERO. And now I know that I stand at a different level as for as Java is concerned. I am very happy after getting a Java Developer job by clearing a test and four rounds of interview.

My sincere thanks to jThread and to my mentor MrSaju Pappachen. I really enjoyed his unique way of teaching. His knowledge on the subject was amazing. It was a totally different learning experience at jThread. Thanks to all others also who have taken classes for me at jThread. I am starting my new career from tomorrow (25-08-2014) and request your prayers for a successful career. May God bless you all.

Rahul V S

jThread changed my life

My name is Silpa Sara Koshy and I am currently working in IBS Software Services. Getting into this job was just a mere dream. I had appeared for many interviews but I was unable to get a job as my technical knowledge on JAVA topics from college was insufficient. Then on the advice of my Aunty I went to jThread an IT Consulting Company which provides training in Java technology, where I started my JAVA course. I was mentored by Mr. Saju Pappachen a professional in JAVA with more than 20 years of IT experience, who promised me that within a month he would teach me JAVA, Java related frameworks, different Java related tools used by the industry today. And he lived up to his word and finished whatever he promised within a month itself. During the last week of the course, one day a chance for an interview popped up. I hesitated to go for the interview as I had gone for so many but failed to get a job. I had lost confidence in myself. But my mentor forced me to attend this interview. He told me that he would teach me all that I needed to know to get the job. He reconstructed my self confidence and thus I left for the interview and after a few rounds I got the job. I thank jThread, my mentor Saju Pappachen for his sincerity and 100% effort for helping me learn JAVA/J2EE. I also thank Dr. Alex Paikada and all other staff in jThread for their support. I remark jThread as a trustworthy organization.

Perfect training

 I joined jThread Trivandrum for Java/J2EE course along with my friends on 25th May 2016. My Java knowledge was very poor at that time. Saju Sir told us that he will finish Core Java by 28th May after talking to us. We got shocked by hearing that because we were under the impression that minimum 2 weeks are required to complete Core Java. We had 4 hours of class on first day, and we realized the change in us on day one itself. We followed all the exercises what he asked us to do. We had 4 hours of class on 26th and again 4 hours of class on 27th, i.e. today. To our surprise we finished Core Java in TWELVE hours. We learned and understood the entire concept clearly. Now we are in a position to answer any question in Core java. Apart from Java, we learned many things about life as far as personality development is concerned. And now we have a belief that even we can do wonders. Our confidence level increased a lot. More than anything, I’m thrilled by seeing the improvement of my best friend Treesa on both technical and non technical area. All these happened due to the wonderful class of Saju Sir. Thank you Sir for the valuable and amazing class. No words can describe the excellent class what we had. We enjoyed a lot. No institute or no teacher can teach their students like this. Once again thank you Sir. We love you !!!

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